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WFTC Local tax consultant

We want to be part of your business team long-term so that you can receive the maximum benefit from
our tax planning
and consulting services. In consideration of the Membership payment,
WFTC will provide the following services to its members at no extra charge.

1. Expert Tax Review
Have a WFTC Local Tax Consultant complete an On-Site review of the Applicant’s past income tax returns, record keeping system, and GST/HST status.
2. Record Keeping
Provide record-keeping support plus exclusive access to WFTC’s Member Centre for unlimited tax questions and support.

3. On-Site Appointments
Have a WFTC Local Tax Consultant complete an on-site appointment to obtain the information required to prepare Applicant’s tax return(s) and complete an annual GST/HST review and reconciliation.

4. Schedules Preparation
Prepare all special calculations and schedules needed for the Applicant’s income tax purposes. 

5. Statements for Incorporated Businesses
Prepare a Business Management Report for non-incorporated businesses and/or Enhanced Accrual Financial Statements for incorporations.

6. Constant Support
Access to unlimited phone/email support on matters relating to Canadian Income and Sales Taxes when requested by the Applicant.  

7. Tax Consulting
Provide On-site tax planning and consulting when requested by the Applicant (e.g. Business Structure and Estate Planning).

8. Applicant Representation
Represent Applicants in the event of an audit by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) when requested by the Applicant.


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Why Do You Need A Tax Consultant?

It is unfortunate but true, that many people do not even consider consulting a tax specialist for their small business tax until they open their mailboxes one day and there is that dreaded letter from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Therefore WFTC tax specialist are tax specialist and small business accounting that specializes in all areas of taxes.